September 2011 Monthly Bulletin The art of communication

The art of communication

What’s the purpose of communication? To understand others and make ourselves understood. Good communication helps us get along in all our relationships at work and beyond. Read this month’s newsletter to brush up on some of the basics. And don’t forget to try the "Missing word contest". You could win a prize!

In This Edition
Your body language speaks volumes
Listen up for better communication
Improving communication with teens
A guide to cooperation

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Communicating in today’s world

Your body language speaks volumes

Did you know that over 50 percent of communication is sent through body language?1 Words carry only half the message. More...

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Worklife balance

Listen up for better communication

At work, home or in any other situation, your listening skills affect your relationships and interactions. More...

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Communicating with teens

Improving communication with teens

The teen years – what a challenge for parents and kids! You can work on staying connected to your teens by using these communication tips. More...

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Getting past getting your way

A guide to cooperation

Have you ever thought or said, "It’s my way or the highway?" More often than not, this is not a good stance to take. Why? More...

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