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April 2012 Monthly Bulletin

Need experienced advice? Get a mentor.
Learning from a mentor can help you succeed
Everyone needs help from time to time. If you have a mentor, you may increase your chances of success. More... | En Español

Is worklife balance a myth?
Balancing work and life for a happier you!
Is balance really possible in our hectic times? Find out here. More... | En Español

Working out at work
Making work a workout
Are you using the “no time to exercise” excuse because of your hectic work day? Read here for some ideas for workouts you can do on the job! More... | En Español

Enhancing focus at work
Do you ever find it hard to focus on a task at work? Try these simple ideas when you notice your attention waning. More... |En Español

Featured webinar
On time: being punctual, prepared and productive
4/10 @ 3 p.m. ET

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April Foolery: A chance to win one of 5 gift cards!
Try for a prize in the April Foolery contest! No, it’s not an April Fool’s prank: You can win a prize. Here’s how….

Enter this month’s contest by reading the April newsletter and then circling each of the statements on the contest entry sheet either T(true) or F(false). All the answers can be found in the April newsletter articles. All entries with correct answers will be collected and five winners will be drawn. Each winner will receive a $30 online gift certificate.

In order to be considered, all submissions must include your name, company, a phone number and email where you can be reached. If you are a winner, you hereby agree to have your name published in an upcoming newsletter.

The deadline for submissions is midnight, April 27, 2012. Winners will be contacted on April 30. Winners’ names will appear in the May or June newsletter. Good luck!

Click here to submit your answers. Look for the winners in the next newsletter!

Getting help
Confidential support, information and resource referrals are available for a variety of concerns – both work and personal. Call for assistance for you, your household members or your adult children under age 26, whether they live at home or not. Call or visit us online today!


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