November 2011 Monthly Bulletin Relationships make the world go round

Relationships make the world go round

Healthy relationships are a big part of overall health and happiness. This month’s newsletter explores some of the connections we humans make – and how they challenge and fulfill our needs.

In This Edition
Making the "magic" last
Taming your relationship with technology
Service dogs: friends, helpers and heroes
Can perception change your reality?

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Missing word contest – Winners!

Crossword PuzzleHundreds of readers sent in answers for the September newsletter Missing Word Contest. Out of the entries that had all correct answers, three winners were chosen randomly. The winners are: Carolyn Flynn, Roy Detweiler and Sherry McInerny. Congratulations and enjoy your $25 gift card prize! Thanks to all who entered. Watch for our next contest coming soon!

Lessons in love

Making the "magic" last

If love is strong enough, relationships can be smooth and trouble-free. True or false? The answer: false! Find out why. More...

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Make time to disconnect

Taming your relationship with technology

Are you comfortable leaving your cell phone, BlackBerry® or iPad® home for a day? Love your electronics, but remember their limitations. More...

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More than just a best pal

Service dogs: friends, helpers and heroes

People who have service dogs may experience the most powerful of all animal-human relationships. More...

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Seeing life from another angle

Can perception change your reality?

Perception alters the way you see the world and how you read situations. Sometimes, it’s best to question your own belief. More...

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