March 2011 Monthly Bulletin Optimizing Stress

Optimizing Stress

When you hear the word "stress," do you automatically think of tension, pressure, headaches and stomachaches? There’s more to stress than that! Read this month’s newsletter for fresh insights on stress, including ways to be more resilient in your day-to-day life. Then sign up for our upcoming webinar: Making Stress Your Best Friend. You’ll find out how stress can be motivating, exciting and a real boost to your self-esteem!


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Stress: It’s an old (ancient!) story
Learn to relax your body
Building stress hardiness
Do this, not that

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In our February survey, we asked your favorite Valentine’s Day gift to give or receive. We got a great response! The top five favorite Valentine’s Day gifts (in order of popularity) are:

1. Romantic Dinner
2. Flowers
3. Greeting Card
4. Jewelry
5. Candy

Thanks to all who participated!

The Balancing Act of Stress

Stress: It’s an old (ancient!) story

Many people think of stress as tension or pressure. But it’s actually more. Understanding stress and its effects can help you use it to your advantage. More...

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Worklife Balance

Learn to relax your body

The head, neck and shoulder areas – which form the "stress triangle" – are the places where we hold much of our tension. Learning how to release the tension in the muscles can help you relax. More...

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Mind Matters

Building stress hardiness

Stress in life is the norm, not the exception. The key is to develop stress hardiness – the ability to cope and bounce back from change and other stressors. More...

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Stress Management 101

Do this, not that

Sometimes we choose to do things that aren’t the best option for us. When experiencing stress, the healthiest option is to focus on activities and behaviors that will really help over time. More...

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