June 2011 Monthly Bulletin Minding Your Money

Minding Your Money

While money may not be everything, whoever first noted that money makes the world go round had a point. It can be a powerful motivator. It fuels commerce and impacts relationships. Do you tend to overspend? Need to teach the kids about money? This month you’ll find practical information on these topics – and more!

In This Edition
When money rules
Protecting and repairing your credit
Teaching children to manage money
It's more than just money

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Crossword PuzzleWe are pleased to announce the winners of our Crossword Puzzle Contest from the April newsletter. They are:
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Overcoming Overspending

When money rules

For those who struggle with overspending, it’s important to understand the factors behind it, and find ways to take control. More...

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Worklife Balance

Protecting and repairing your credit

Whether you are in need of credit repair, or just want to keep your good credit, read on for some tips that will help you repair or improve your credit. More...

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Family Connections

Teaching children to manage money

Children can learn the basics of saving and spending at an early age and learn by watching their parents manage money. More...

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Financial Check-up

It's more than just money

Evaluating your financial health can help you learn ways to maintain or improve your current standing. Read on for some helpful tips when reviewing your finanical health. More...

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