February 2011 Monthly Bulletin Health:
Heart AND Soul

Health: Heart AND Soul

National Heart Month and Valentine’s Day are both celebrated in February. What a perfect reminder that your heart needs different types of care and attention. There’s the "watch your diet and exercise" type of care. Then there’s the celebration of relationships, friendship and love. Don’t forget: Both kinds of "heart care" are essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle!

In This Edition
Saving a life by knowing the signs
Relationships and the Roseto effect
Time for a change of heart
Mindfulness: Living in the moment at work and at home

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When Every Second Counts Save a life by knowing the signs

Did you know there are now treatments and medications that can increase the chances of stopping a heart attack or stroke while it’s happening? More...

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Relationships and the Roseto effect Worklife Balance

For a number of years, the small town of Roseto, PA once defied the entire country’s heart disease rates. For a fascinating story – read on – and find out how! More...

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Health View Time for a change of heart

Safety steps such a wearing a seatbelt are routine for most people. Yet many overlook important habits known to safeguard heart health. What could you be doing? More...

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Mindfulness: Living in the moment at work and at home Practicing Presence

Being mindful means staying present in each moment, experiencing it fully. It can decrease stress and allow you to enjoy life more. See what practicing presence can do for you. More...

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